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We offer FPGA hardware selection, training and installation services

FPGA  - Hardware  & Software Programming


Our FPGA  engineering team offers a variety of services from custom FPGA hardware programming, software interface programming, testing and validation, or  training.  We are vendor neutral on C to VHDL tools, offering a broad perspective helping customers make the best decision on product selections. We provide:


· Custom algorithm development for FPGAs  using common off-the-shelf components


· Profiling code bottlenecks and determining design speed-ups


· Feasibilities studies in  the commercialization of products built on reconfigurable computing


· Testing and validation services for FPGA based C code, including documentation of the design and performance verification


· Consultation workshops on using FPGA tools for:

       - Impulse C CoDeveloperTM

         - Nallatech Dimetalk-CTM, 

       - Xlinix ISETM


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Phone: 614-286-7411


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Specializing in FPGA acceleration solutions with custom programming from C to VHDL